The temperature dropped markedly as I clicked the ‘save as’ button. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. Panic welled in my chest. I couldn’t lose this document and the last 2 hours of my work. I tried for a third time and this time got the message “log into office 365”.

I followed (correctly I thought) the prompts. Then hit ‘save as’ again. “Log into office 365”.

Oh for pete’s sake.So I immediately Skyped a computer whiz and shared my screen with him. 25.3km away. I relaxed a little. Now I was in good hands and no longer fumbling alone in the dark. Sharing screens is brilliant. Because I could show him EXACTLY what my problem was. He saw exactly what I saw as I clicked through bits and pieces at his recommendation. It was like being stuck in a kayak, caught in a whirlpool going around and around. Til he threw me a rope and started pulling me out. Because he knew what he was doing. And because he was Johnny on the spot. I didn’t have to try to explain it and get tangled up in words. I could show him. And in turn, he could show me the path out.

Nothing beats being shown the solution. We’re visual creatures. And things are a whole lot easier to understand when you can see what you need to do, because you’re being shown what you need to do.

So let me show you what you need to do to get more people buying from you more often. I may be pants at computer problems, but I’m NOT pants at showing you how to make more money in your business. How much is that worth to you? A LOT I reckon if you ever lie in bed at night and wonder:

  • Am I doing the right things?
  • Could I be doing things better and more profitably?
  • Am I wasting my money on what I’m already doing?
  • Could a tweak or two get more people buying from me more often?

The answers are waiting for you when you click here for my free 45-days of Kick-Ass Marketing Ideas to grow your business fast.

What will happen then?

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Kathryn Reid is a veterinary marketing consultant and copywriter who helps practice owners and managers grow their practice, help more animals and generally be awesome. Want marketing ideas? Get 45 for free here.

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