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Here’s what you do next.

To schedule a free planning session call with me to start formulating a plan to help you get the results you want faster, simply answer the few questions below about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish. Once I have that information, I’ll do some research for you and we’ll set up the time to go over it together.

Your Business:

What do you do, where are you based, who are your customers and what online marketing do you do (if any)?

What do you specifically want to achieve with your business over the next year? e.g.

1. More sales, how much? 2. More customers, how many and what type?

Your Customer:

What would your perfect customer say their problem is before they have you in their life to solve it for them? (Imagine I overhear them complaining about this big problem they’re having – what are they saying?)

What is the value of your average sale?

(Yes there’ll be variations…some spend a little, some spend a lot…but what is the average?)

How much is an average customer worth to you in terms of sales over a 12 month period?

(Variations aside, what is the average?)

Your Website:

If you could interview visitors leaving your website and ask them these 2 questions, what would you want them to say:

1. What did you learn from our website? 2. What are you going to do differently as a result?

Rank in order of priority which of these problems you most need help solving?

Increase the number of people visiting my website?

Increase the number of people converting to customers?

Improve my credibility and web presence by updating my web copy?

Something else (specify)?

Your Primary Motivator:

In terms of solving your biggest online marketing problem, what is your primary motivator?

(Let me tell you right up front, we will not have the cheapest fee, but typically we work for free, because those who take action and implement, get results that recover our fee multiple times over!)

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