Recently I participated in the annual Landcare Research bird survey.

Basically, I chose a day and on that day sat down for one hour to count and identify all the birds I saw.

I could have counted them anywhere in NZ, like the top of the Sky Tower, Premier House (a bit weird rocking up to the Prime Minister’s official residence with my chair), Brian Tamaki (he lives down the road), a park, a bush walk… anywhere.

I chose my garden because I love it and its plopped smack-bang in the middle of bush.

But I took out two chairs to sit on. One of me and one for Wolf my cat.

Because I knew when I sat down he’d be my lap and I didn’t want to get distracted.

[But was I right? Read on]

See the thing is when you know your pets (and other family members too), you know what they want and how you can help them get it.

Same too with your clients.

When you know them as well as your pets, you know what they want.

And then you can help them get it – which they’ll love you for.

Do you think Wolf saw the second chair as aggressive sales pitch from me, pressuring him into something he didn’t want? Do you think it made him feel icky and misunderstood?

You tell me – see him here.

I knew Wolf wanted to be close to me and in the sun.

And me, the masterful (and ethical) manipulator got my desired response.

By causally presenting the second chair from the get-go, he was happy and probably thought it was his idea.

So together we spent a happy, idyllic hour in the sun. Him sleeping. Me counting birds.

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It’s what I’m good at.

What I’m not good at is making rabbits appear out of hats.

Nobody’s perfect.

Kathryn Reid is a veterinary marketing consultant and copywriter who helps practice owners and managers grow their practice, help more animals and generally be awesome. Want marketing ideas? Get 45 for free here.

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