My Work Is ZERO Risk To You

Because I understand how intimidating it is to hire a marketing or copywriting ‘expert’.

You see my industry is a grubby one.

Anyone can claim to be an expert, and many do. I mean:

  • How are you supposed to know if they know what they’re talking about?
  • How can you really be sure they’re going to do the job they say they will?

So let my work prove itself to you.

If it doesn’t (hey things happen, although not often), you can request a refund (but please allow me to endeavour to put things right first – I mean that’s only fair right?).

Refunding is clearly outlined in either my Terms of Business (for one-on-one consultations, action days or copywriting) or my Terms and Conditions (for products, courses and memberships).

And you’ll have access to the relevant one before you purchase.

So my work really is ZERO risk to you.