“Forbidden – Checkout System disabled” I read with discouragement, 5 seconds after I’d hit the buy button.

So what did I do? I did what most of your wanna-be customers would do… I tried again. “Forbidden – Checkout System disabled” it shouted again, ruthlessly sticking to its story.

Honestly, as an online store, you’d think you’d make sure your shopping cart worked… I mean that’s not rocket science is it? I was trying to buy ugg boots as I’ve worn holes in my current pair. Happy with the brand, I wanted to buy another pair, so I did what most of your wanna-be customers would NOT do, and gave them a 3rd chance by hunting around their website for their email address.

I sent them an email 3 weeks ago and I’ve still not been graced with a reply. Talk about a terrible way of doing business. My wallet is open and ready to buy – but they can’t be bothered taking my money simply by replying to my email.

I don’t get it. Especially because they’re probably moaning that they want more sales. Un-bloody-believable.

I see this with some businesses with shopping carts. They start off hyped with a hiss and a roar but grind to a halt on the unavoidable upkeep. They don’t keep checking their cart still works, even though we all know random bugs invade the online world, so nothing is ever permanently perfect.

If you’re using an online shopping cart in your business, you’ve got to be checking regularly that it’s still working so it can still make you sales.

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