Blog: Targeting

2,288km in 12 years

He was waving at me when I walked in. Relieved I didn’t have to scan faces trying to find him I walked across the bustling room. He stood up and gave me a bear hug. “It’s been a while!” my cousin’s eyes danced. “Too long!” my eyes danced in return. The last time we...

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A bad case of prolific poopers

2 weeks ago, I visited my neighbour from where I used to live. While I was inside enjoying a cuppa with them, I looked out their feature window into their beautiful garden and what I saw almost made me choke on my tea. Their birdbath had mesh over the top of it and a...

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Why you should cut your market by 75%

A client of mine has recently niched down to a very specific market. It was nerve-racking for her as suddenly her market was 25% the original size. But she held true to focusing just on the 25%. The result: she going great guns and it’s making her life significantly...

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