Blog: Premium Pricing

You’re once, twice, three times… error

The temperature dropped markedly as I clicked the ‘save as’ button. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. Panic welled in my chest. I couldn’t lose this document and the last 2 hours of my work. I tried for a third time and this time got the message “log into office 365”. read more

Want higher margins? Just try this…

I’m tall so struggle to find clothes off the rack that fit me. Pants end high above my ankles and sleeves leave my wrists looking like bony beached whales. So I went hunting for a tailor and found Nancy. Who was great. Except for one thing. She only sewed. read more

Fast forward eight weeks and…

I stood in the Stihl store and looked at products three times more expensive than the Mitre 10 and Bunnings counterparts I’d seen earlier. I hummed and hawed. read more