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Was Wolf Happy?

Recently I participated in the annual Landcare Research bird survey. Basically, I chose a day and on that day sat down for one hour to count and identify all the birds I saw. I could have counted them anywhere in NZ, like the top of the Sky Tower, Premier House (a bit...

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Plant A Tree

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." This is a pearler of a Chinese proverb. The best time for you to promote your practice so people are more likely to buy from you, was yesterday, last month, last year, 20 years ago. But,...

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The Mad Hatter’s Morning

What hat have you got on today? Manager, product developer, marketer, HR, accountant, chief negotiator, legal council, psychologist, customer service, cleaner upper of all mess…? Things get hell-of-a busy on top of that head of yours don’t they?! And what happens when...

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She got shitty with me!

All they’ve done is answer the phone. No selling required for them. I prequalified myself. But one company, on a $500 purchase, got shitty with me on the phone. read more

You’re once, twice, three times… error

The temperature dropped markedly as I clicked the ‘save as’ button. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. Panic welled in my chest. I couldn’t lose this document and the last 2 hours of my work. I tried for a third time and this time got the message “log into office 365”. read more

Don’t try this at home

As he ran in front of my bonnet (as was his right - he was on the pavement), without breaking stride, he lifted his left hand up to his mouth and sucked hard on a lit cigarette. What the hell?!? read more