2 weeks ago, I visited my neighbour from where I used to live.

While I was inside enjoying a cuppa with them, I looked out their feature window into their beautiful garden and what I saw almost made me choke on my tea.

Their birdbath had mesh over the top of it and a blackbird was standing on the grass beside it looking dejected.

Trying to keep my tone light, I asked: “Why is there mesh over your birdbath?”

“Because the sparrows would bathe and then poop in it” was the reply. “I got sick of cleaning it out.”

Having a birdbath myself, I understand sparrows and their propensity to poop in it, but I couldn’t help feel my ex-neighbours were missing the point of a birdbath… it’s a bird bath.

And birds, like every animal on this planet poop – it keeps them healthy.

Not giving any bird access to your birdbath because a few sparrows poop, is like not feeding your pet because it’s going to poop too.

That’s daft.

So I feel sorry for their neighbourhood birds, especially the majority non-poopers who are being penalised for the minority poopers.

You know who I also feel sorry for? The clients of some vet practices.

Because some waiting rooms are set up to seem like having animals in them is all a bit of an inconvenience.

There are verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate with your clients and you don’t want them to feel you’re putting ‘mesh over their birdbath’.

You want them to feel their (and their animal’s) wants and needs are your priority.

Because when you do, you build loyalty like no one else.

Why? Because you’re scratching their itch.

So apply human psychology to all your verbal and nonverbal marketing.

And if you need help with how and what to prioritise, then sign up here for 45 free ideas to Growing Your Vet Practice Faster.

But fair warning… no mesh is involved!

Kathryn Reid is a veterinary marketing consultant and copywriter who helps practice owners and managers grow their practice, help more animals and generally be awesome. Want marketing ideas? Get 45 for free here.

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