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Why Most Marketing SUCKS And What You Need To Know So Yours Makes You More Money, Gets You Better Customers and Gives You Fewer Headaches

Confessions of a business owner:

True story – Not long ago I got a call from a business owner (let’s call him Dan) who confessed he’d recently got some marketing advice and forked out EIGHTY grand to advertise in a national newspaper (with a reach of half a million people), using an insert.

Reaching half a million people sounds pretty good right?

Yeah, he thought so too, which is why he ponied up with EIGHTY grand (which ain’t petty cash you’d agree)!

And eagerly waited for sales to flood in. ‘Cos statistically they must right?

I mean even one fiftieth of a per cent response rate is still one hundred new sales thank-you-very-much! And since his average sale is worth two grand, he’d be in to make two hundred grand. Not bad! Repays his marketing costs… with extra change!


What were his results?

Sixty enquiries. And a measly five sales.

Meaning he paid eighty grand to make ten grand!

Doesn’t matter which way you look at it… that number ain’t good! Plus he STILL has to pay for the insert design and printing costs.

So yeah, I get why marketing probably ticks you off (like Dan).

I understand why you’re not a big fan, and maybe even secretly suspect it’s B.S. and a waste of your hard-earned money.

And I don’t blame you for distrusting marketers (I distrust us too as there’s a lot of charlatans in my industry). I mean someone told Dan that spending eighty grand on an insert was a good idea. Someone recommended or bullied or cajoled him.

But what they DIDN’T do was tell him HOW to do the type of marketing that’d MAKE him money.

They just let him do the type of marketing every other Tom, Dick and Harry is doing.

You know…

The marketing that sucks!

Within 3 months Kathryn was making us money. 1 product alone made us $23,996 (going from 0 to 6 sales) and across 26 products we had a:
• 15%-85% increase in clicks
• 10%-22% decrease in CPCs
• 12%-176% increase in CTRs
• 2-5 point increase in QSs.”

Nick Cottier

Marketing & IT Manager, Hyspecs

I recovered Kathryn’s fee 11 times in just 1 month + 2 new clients told me ‘your website sold me’. I’m now looking to employ a new full time person to keep up with this new work!”

Deb O’Connell

General Manager, CBSL

If you’re a business owner you don’t want marketing that sucks.

Because you know marketing is what brings in leads, customers and clients right?

And you know if you have no leads, customers and clients, you have no sales. And if you have no sales, you have no profits. And if you have no profits, pretty soon you have no business.

But what you DON’T know is…

What marketing works… Like actually works. Like actually makes you money and brings in a better type of customer or client.

You’ve been given all this different, conflicting advice. But how on hell are you supposed to figure it out yourself?

You’re severely overworked.

Depressingly underpaid.

And your business doesn’t light you up like it used to.

You work bloody hard and frankly you expected more.

More leads. More customers and clients. More sales. More profit.

‘Cos you’ve spent money on marketing and it didn’t deliver… Either the results you expected. Or perhaps even a single sale.


You did the work, followed the advice and STILL got a dismal result. AND the invoice (you can always count on getting that)!

Sound about right? Then you’re not alone. But there’s a solution.

“Before we worked with Kathryn we wondered whether it was going to be value for money. Turns out the best thing about working with her is everything!”

Rob C and Jo C


“Our website works 24 hours a day targeting new customers. We’re getting a lot of new business phoning us and making enquiries every month.”

Vaughn Clark

Managing Director, Primero Profiles

FINALLY, A Marketer Who Understands The Type Of Marketing That’ll Make You More Money And Get You A Better Class Of Customer!

Hi, I’m Kathryn Reid and I’m New Zealand’s leading direct response marketing consultant for business owners (for both online and offline marketing).

I’ve been trained intentionally by some of the best marketers in the world…

Marketing legends like Chris Cardell.

Kathryn Reid with marketing legend Chris CardellI’ve been in the marketing industry since 1998 and because I’m deep in the trenches ‘doing it’ for businesses including my own, I know what works.

I know marketing is a science that’s all about numbers and you want to know that for every marketing dollar you invest, you’re generating five, fifteen, fifty times back in return.

And I know that you’ll NEVER generate this level of return if you do what most business owners do… the type of marketing that sucks.

That’s the cutesy stuff that wins creative awards. That’s the pretty stuff that doesn’t win sales.

If you’re doing it… it’s not your fault.

Chances are you looked at the market place and followed the crowd.

Problem is… the crowd is totally clueless.

That’s why most marketing sucks.

But not for you no longer!

I want to make it easy for you…

Simple for you…

And I’ll start by helping you for free.

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?


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